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What others are saying in the news, in the press, or on web publications  about the £400 Government Boiler Scrappage Scheme (including Us:-)

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22nd February 2010
The Yorkshire Evening Post says…

WITH Yorkshire showing a characteristic thirst for money saving, the boiler scrappage scheme has proved to be a regional hit.

MONEY-off vouchers worth £400 a pop have been snapped up by boiler owners in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The region has been issued with 6,100 vouchers, or 11 per cent of the total already handed out under the Government’s boiler scrappage scheme. That leaves 70,000 vouchers worth a total of £28m are still up for grabs.

Scheme managers at The Energy Saving Trust (EST) are now urging the rest of us to ditch energy-guzzling and environmentally-damaging boilers, by taking advantage of the cashback scheme before money runs out.
Source: Yorkshire Evening Post


19th February 2010
Recycling & Waste Management says…

Following the launch of the Government boiler scrappage scheme in England last month, the Welsh Assembly Government has announced plans for a similar scheme in Wales, beginning on April 1.

From this date over 60s living in Wales with inefficient G-rated boilers will be eligible to apply for a £500 voucher towards the cost of replacing their old boiler with a new A-rated one.

The Welsh Assembly Government has allocated £2.5million to the scheme and are targeting the over 60s as they are thought to be more vulnerable to fuel poverty.

Welsh Environment, Sustainability and Housing Minister Jane Davidson said: “We have allocated £2.5million to the boiler scrappage scheme for 2010/11 and expect up to 5,000 Welsh households to benefit from a significant improvement in the energy performance of their heating systems as a result.”

The news that the scheme will now be available in Wales has been welcomed.

The Energy Savings Trust, the organisation responsible for issuing vouchers for the English boiler scrappage scheme, said: “Boilers account for around 60% of the carbon dioxide emissions in gas heated homes.”

The scheme will officially open for applications on April 1 and more details on how to apply are expected to be released next month.
Source: Recycling & Waste Management


15th February 2010
The Guardian says…

Households warm to boiler scrappage scheme

More than a third of the vouchers available under the government’s boiler scrappage scheme have been snapped up since the scheme launched almost six weeks ago, according to figures out today.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change said that of the 125,000 vouchers made available, 54,578 have been taken, leaving about 70,000, which are worth a total of £28m.

The Energy Saving Trust, which administers the scheme, said it has had nearly 400,000 calls, an average of 5,000 a day, at each of its regional advice centres.

The high levels of interest have meant, however, that thousands of householders who applied for the scheme have faced long waits for the vouchers.

“A Reader” from Teddington, who contacted guardian.co.uk/money, was one of those waiting for a response from the Energy Saving Trust.

“I spent three days trying to get through to them only to be greeted with a recorded message,” she said. “I finally succeeded a week later and was told I would be contacted ‘in 10 days’. That was more than 10 days ago and I am still waiting.”

The EST has since had to double the number of staff in its call centre to cope with the demand.
Source: The Guardian


29th January 2010
The Guardian says…

Boiler scrappage scheme hit by delays

Thousands of householders who have applied for the government boiler scrappage scheme are facing long delays for the vouchers needed to give their installers the go ahead.

It has received such an enthusiastic response from consumers that the Energy Saving Trust, the organisation that administers the scheme, has admitted it is battling to clear a huge backlog of applications. By the beginning of this week it had received 160,000 calls, and around 36,000 people had applied for one of the 125,000 available vouchers.

It has now doubled the number of staff in its call centre to cope with the demand.
Source: The Guardian


23rd January 2010
The Guardian says…

Charlie Says…

Homeowners considering signing up to the government’s £400 boiler scrappage grant have been warned it could prove “financial madness” by Britain’s best-known plumber, who also says many modern condensing boilers simply aren’t up to the job.

Charlie Mullins, managing director of Pimlico Plumbers, says most people would be far better off avoiding the scheme if it involves ripping out an inefficient, but functioning boiler. He warns that new models can be problematic, expensive to repair and often don’t last.

Mullins, known as the plumber to the stars with his company’s vans usually found in London’s wealthiest areas, also questions whether the £50m scrappage scheme will help the people who most need it. He argues that it gives the well-off an unnecessary grant.

Mullins says consumers should know what they are getting into before they sign up. “Boilers of old would typically last 10 to 15 years, if not longer. But some of the new condensing models just don’t last, and when they go wrong they are complicated and expensive to repair. We have been ripping out boilers that have done just three to six years’ service, and have become uneconomic to repair,” he says.

“Clearly condensing boilers are much more energy efficient, use much less gas and are better for the environment, but if you look at the scheme purely in economic terms, it is madness to spend around £2,000 to scrap a boiler that’s working perfectly well.”
Source: The Guardian


20th January 2010
Simply Business says…

How the Government Boiler Scrappage Scheme could help your business grow
The Government Boiler Scrappage Scheme could provide a much-needed boost for registered gas fitters and plumbers. But it will, perhaps, also have the unintended consequence of increasing competition among them. As such, you will have to take some extra steps to ensure that your business stands out.
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If you have a website and are willing to travel further for customers, you might also wish to place pay-per-click ads on Google or other major search engines. The level of enquiries you receive is likely to improve dramatically if your firm is at the top of the listings when a customer searches for the ‘Government Boiler Scrappage Scheme’

The Government Boiler Scrappage Scheme is potentially very good news for those in the heating business. If you ramp up your marketing efforts, particularly during this crucial period when the scheme is still fresh in the mind of many householders, your firm can tap into this important new revenue stream.
Source: Simply Business


9th January 2010
The Telegraph says

The £50m scheme, which will benefit only people living in England, is likely to be funded entirely by the taxpayer. A Treasury spokesman said: “Households in England will be able to claim up to £400 if they replace an inefficient boiler – rated G or worse – with an energy-efficient one or with another renewable technology.”
Derrick Parkes, KPMG’s head of energy tax, said: “The boiler scrappage scheme will hopefully prove to be as successful as the scheme piloted in the automotive sector and will be good news for UK industry and potentially stimulate employment.”
Will Marples, an energy expert at uSwitch.com, the price comparison service, said: “Heating and hot water account for £756 a year on average so it makes absolute sense to focus energy efficiency efforts here, where people have the most to gain. Installing a modern efficient boiler can save up to £235 a year on heating bills.
Source: The Telegraph


6th January 2009
The Mirror says

Thousands will get £400 for heating as boiler scheme launched…
Buying a new boiler could save you money – plus help to save jobs and the environment. Thousands of homeowners will get £400 from the Government to replace their old and inefficient heating systems. Gordon Brown launched the initiative yesterday and said it would safeguard jobs and cut fuel bills and carbon emissions. Based on the car scrappage scheme, any home with an old, G-rated boiler will be entitled to £400 off when it is replaced. The Government said the boiler scrappage scheme would save the same amount of carbon as taking 45,000 cars off the road. Up to 125,000 vouchers will be given on a first-come firstserved basis which would cost the Treasury £50million.
Source: The Mirror 


6th January 2010
The Times Online says

British Gas fails to pass on £400 boiler grants to customers.
British Gas is profiting from the Government’s boiler scrappage scheme by failing to pass on the full value of the grants. The company is refusing to offer its usual discounts to customers who apply for a £400 grant. Some homes could be better off ignoring the scheme and negotiating a discount with an installation company.
The Prime Minister announced the scrappage scheme yesterday at the company’s training centre for boiler engineers in Kent. He claimed that the scheme could be worth up to £800 for households taking part because some companies, including British Gas, had agreed to match the £400 offered by the Government. Mr Brown did not mention that British Gas operates an unsubsidised scheme under which all customers could get a £752 discount on a new boiler This offer comprises £300 off the price of the boiler, radiator controls worth £248 and free servicing and repairs for a year worth £204.
A customer adviser at British Gas’s call centre said anyone applying for a scrappage grant would not be eligible for these discounts: “It’s much of a muchness whether you go for the scrappage grant or the savings we already offer. But you can’t get both.”
Source:  The Times Online 


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