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Do I Qualify For The Boiler Scheme Grant…?

So, you want to know if you or your central heating boiler is eligable for the Governments Boiler Scrappage Scheme grant or rebate of £400..?

Well, the Energy Saving Trust have provided a quick check list for those Householders and Tenants in England who wish to apply. If you can answer “yes” to the “Quick Check” list (below), then you should qualify for the £400 boiler scrappage scheme that was officially launched on January 5th 2010.

The £400 cashback vouchers will be issued to successful applicants from the 18th January 2010 onwards. Successful applicants should receive the £400 voucher within 10 days. Vouchers will only be valid for a 12 week period from date of issue. Applicants whose £400 scrappage scheme vouchers have expired – may be able to re-apply, subject to fund availability.

Quick Check List…

  • Are you a Householder or Tenant in England..?
  • Are you under 60 years of age and is the boiler you wish to replace;
    • in working order..?
    • the main boiler for heating your home..?


  • If you are 60+ years of age;
    • your current boiler does not need to be in working order, but it does need to be the main boiler for heating your home.
    • Does your current gas boiler have a permanent pilot light or is it over 15 years old..?


  • Do you currently have an oil fired boiler that is over 25 years old..?
  • Do you have a SEDBUK G Rated boiler (a SAP seasonal efficiency rating of 70% and under)..?

(check our SEDBUK Band G Boilers list!)

Do you plan to change your SEDBUK G Rated boiler for a SEDBUK A rated high-efficiency boiler, whether GAS, LPG or OIL fuelled (or some other form of renewable heat technology, such as Solar or Wind powered)..?

If you believe that you may be eligible for the £400 grant and you wish to apply or register for the scheme, you must first obtain a quote to supply and fit the new SEDBUK A Band (SAP efficiency rating of over 90%) boiler from your own nominated Gas Safe or OFTEC registered installer (or other form of renewable heat technology installer!) Then you should contact the ACT ON CO2 advice line on 0800 512 012 with the following information to hand…

  • Your Full Name
  • Property Address
  • Make and Model Number of the boiler to be scrapped
  • Full contact details of the Installer
  • New Boiler details
  • Confirmation that you have a Quote from the Installer


You can now apply online  via the Energy Saving Trust – by simply clicking on the ACT ON CO2 Logo below…


When you have received your £400 voucher, only then can/should you instruct your Gas Safe or OFTEC registered installer to fit your new SEDBUK A Band boiler. When your new boiler installation is completed to your satisfaction – You then pay the whole bill and forward (send) the receipt/invoice & the £400 voucher to the Energy Saving Trust for the £400 rebate. Payment will then be issued within 25 working days.

To view further details, or to clarify the above – please see the Energy Saving Trust website.
Check your Gas, LPG or OIL fired boiler HERE