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Gas Fuel Oil Prices

9 February 2010 by His-Nibs No Comment

I know, it’s probably a very silly question.. But what do you think of the  fuel prices in Britain..?
If you need a little help, we now have a Commodity Price Index which you can view on the “Have Your Say” page..!!

This will show you the current Market prices (in Real-Time!) delayed by just 15 mins. These are what our prices are based upon in the UK, which includes; Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gasoline, Heating Oil, and we’ve also included Gold, Silver and Copper too..!! Obviously, these are not the prices that we pay as a Consumer, but they will give you a better idea of how much the Middle-Men (Suppliers, Government etc) add on for themselves. 

Tell us what you think on the subjects, although if you’re anything like me – I can probably guess that you aint a Happy-Bunny either..?
Anyway, your views on the subject would be much appreciated..!!

See HERE… or click on the above image for further details…