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[2 May 2010 - by His-Nibs | Comments Off on Get A Quote | ]
Get A Quote

Homeowners and Tenants should check the validity of anyone offering to provide professional services relating to installation, removal or repairs of Gas, LPG or Oil fired equipment. You can check-out the advertisers details by clicking on the appropriate link contained within the “Useful Links” section (on the right of every page!) HINT: Click the title to read more….

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[28 Mar 2010 - by His-Nibs | No Comment | ]
Boiler Scrappage Scheme Runs Out Of Steam

The 125,000 £400 rebate vouchers for the Government Boiler Scrappage Scheme have now been snapped-up.
During the Chancellors Budget on Wednesday 24th March 2010 there was no mention of extending the scheme to the other 4 million owners of SEDBUK G rated boilers. Although, some energy companies are still offering incentives to off-set the funding that is no longer available from the UK Government..!!
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[14 Jan 2010 - by His-Nibs | Comments Off on SEDBUK Band A | ]

Boilers with a SEDBUK Band Rating of A Have an efficiency rating in excess of ninety-percent (90%).
If you have a Standard (non-condensing) GAS Boiler already installed & would like to check it’s SEDBUK SAP rating – please view the complete, full boiler list on the SEDBUK Band A (efficiency rating of over 90%) Boiler Ratings Page!  
For your convenience…
All Regular non-condensing boilers are listed in alphabetical order on the SEDBUK Band A page..!! 

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[6 Jan 2010 - by His-Nibs | Comments Off on Get The £400 Boiler Scrappage Scheme Payment | ]
Get The £400 Boiler Scrappage Scheme Payment

The £400 cashback vouchers will be issued to successful applicants from the 18th January 2010 onwards. Successful applicants should receive the £400 voucher within 10 days. Vouchers will only be valid for a 12 week period from date of issue. Applicants whose £400 scrappage scheme vouchers have expired – may be able to re-apply, subject to fund availability.