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The Government-Boiler-Scrappage-Scheme.co.uk web portal is quickly becoming the all-in-one online source for information relating to the £400 Government Boiler Scrappage Scheme, introduced on the 5th January 2010.

The Government-Boiler-Scrappage-Scheme.co.uk can offer highly-targeted solutions for advertisers.
Most ad formats can be targeted by specific page and/or geographical location. With geo-targeting being so precise, ranging from individual Town or City-specifics to whole County-targeting in England (with Wales & Scotland following shortly!) – the anticipated increase in CTR and ROI, with the decrease in click-waste – should combine to significantly enhance effective advertising campaigns.


  • The Government-Boiler-Scrappage-Scheme.co.uk is readily accessible to over 90% of the UK internet population (incl. mobile telecommunications!)
  • We consistently show-up on PAGE ONE of any relative or even specific results displayed by the webs biggest search engines.
  • During the first THREE WEEKS of January (2010) we had received over of a quarter-of-a-million hits on the website.

Figures like these make The Government-Boiler-Scrappage-Scheme.co.uk an excellent choice for advertisers who wish to target or reach a specific section of the UK population, or for companies that wish to promote products or services with a location-specific element. Such an enormous potential audience coupled with the geo-targeting capabilities make The Government-Boiler-Scrappage-Scheme.co.uk web portal a very attractive platform for any associated marketing opportunities and activities.

Given the popularity of our portal, there’s every reason for you as an advertiser to benefit through showcasing your related Products or Services to our web visitors.

Contact Us to discuss what opportunities may be available to you as an Advertiser.